The Last Concert - Manchester Terror Attack - Poem by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto

They went there to surrender their hearts to music
they never expected their enthusiasm to be their foe
they did not go there to surrender their souls forever;
the love for music starts with birth as mothers hum
and sing sweet songs that transpire deep within
those eardrums that hear and never let go the melody;
music reverberates in those hearts and carries them
to capture the rhythm, the symphony, the harmony.
And as they might have sat there engrossed in that concert
how much they must have applauded for that voice
that sang those songs as delight must have filled
their moments with final fulfillment before those doors
of uncertainty of life unfolded dread and terror
as one by one, sweet in mind and innocence
surrendered their beautiful life to those final echoes
which they could hear within their own voices, crying
for their fathers and mothers to appear and hold them
before death took them away in it's own bosom.
Was it destined for them to concede
their blooming tomorrows of beauty and innocence
to one final end for which they had gathered
to share their love for music until Heaven decreed
that this would be their last concert?

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