Mad Jack (Scene 5) - Poem by John Fenton Mcleish

mad jack
scene 5
The troop ship births at calais in france.Siegfried walks down the gangway and onto the wharf.There is a lance corporal standing next to the gangway with pen and paper.
Siegfried, 'Sussex yeomanry? '
The corporal flicks through his papers, 'left this morning sir'
Siegfried, 'Whens the next transport then? '
Corporal, 'Not till tomorrow morning sir.You can try stores sir, they might be able to help you out'
The corporal points to a couple of big sheds about one hundred and fifty meters away.
Siegfried, 'Thanks corporal'
The corporal salutes.
Siegfried walks over to the stores and enters the door of the office.
Sitting at a desk is another corporal.
Siegfried, 'Have you anything equestrian, corporal? '
Corporal, 'Huh? ' The corporals practically illiterate.
Siegfried, 'A horse man! '
Corporal, 'Sorry sir, the horses have already gone.A new lot coming in tomorrow though.'
Siegfried, 'Have you anything at all corporal? '
Corporal, 'Only whats out there sir'
The corporal points outside to the yard.
Siegfried walks over to the window and looks outside.
Lined up in rows are a batch of new triumph motorcycles.
Siegfried, 'I'll take one'
Corporal, 'Very good sir, I'll fill it up for you'
The corporal walks off to get some gasoline.
The motorcycles ready.Siegfried hops on and tries to kick it over, he nearly breaks his leg in the process.
Siegfried, 'Bloody hell! '
Corporal, 'You'll get the hang of it sir'
Sigfried tries kicking it over again, this time it starts.
He let's the clutch out and the bike shoots forward.Siegfried tries to control it but the place is full of mud and potholes.He ends up falling over into a ditch.
The corporal comes running over, 'You ok sir? '
Siegfried, 'Yes, yes i'm ok'
The corporal helps siegfried pick the motorcycle up.Siegfried hops back on and tries again, but this time covered from head to toe in mud.
The corporal hands siegfried a pair of goggles, 'You'd better take these sir, the muds pretty bad out there'
Siegfried replies sarcastically, 'Really corporal, I never noticed'
Siegfried puts the goggles on, nods to the corporal, then takes off down the muddy and potholed road towards the H.Q.
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