Tears, Go Away! - Poem by zion ana

My tears, can you please go away?
You have caused me trouble more than enough.
Why do you have to keep bothering me all the time?
Why can't I hide you away whenever I am hurt?
Why do you have to show up in the moments just when I think I am
strong enough to bare this pain?
Can you go away and never come again?
Why do you make me feel weak in my own guts?
You hurt me, my eyes turn red and my soul hides away from me,
Why do you have to make look like a demon?
Why does your pain make me hurt others? Please, go away!
For how many days am I to cry you and hideaway in this eerie
I cant do this anymore, can't you see?
At last because of you I am having trouble falling asleep at night
and I feel like a worthless human.
Isn't this enough? Tears go away, please!

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