Zulfitria - Poem by Nassy Fesharaki


Eyes open once again
-out of bed
-so call it a morning
-what is it?

Coffee and bread, additives
-in kitchen and halfway, I eat it
-break? …fast? …then at desk

Some poems, some news and Facebook
-my poems are read and commented, suggestions
-with some likes and marking, have request for friendship

This is life; a daily and weekly, and monthly
-some I read, no reply…some no need
-open page for research
-who is she?

Indonesia…too lovely…
-seems to be mother, wife, primitive
-is judged by video, which I see!
-why has she?

Other site, a poem comes along
-seizes and sizes her the husband
-"scrunched" is his eye;
-short poem is good and is concise

"She uses the tactic"…
-is aware of method, poetry
-ambiguous in writing
-who is she?

Have no doubt knows a lot
-as did our professor, Priscilla…
-read further; I am drowned
-"pulley-roped palliatives, craft…lies"

Writes well, nice
-Joan Houlihan at prime
-her poem is rich; named:
-"What does your seeing want? "

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