The Chase - Poem by Subhadip Bhattacharya

A castle was where I was put up.
A dragon came and chased my sleep,
down to the very end of time. I had to keep up,
with the very annals of war and keep,
the very much needed fortifications.

War and god and the dragons and time
and prospects of prosper and cherish.
Why is that so, is very hard to tell,
but the peace and never to die, like
and like that, that would never occur.

To die like a waterfall,
and run like a storm.
To follow all the norms and procedures,
written in a text book,
and follow again like a hurricane with an open sword.

The other day the dragon,
followed me to boredom,
and disappeared. The sunlight played with the,
eyes and heart the same homesick tunes.
The castle and the bricks and light,
the swords and leather....

My feet became weary as I had to,
walk the great obscurity with boredom,
and talk of cherishment and prosper,
amid great nothing.

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