'' Life's Not All About Money '' - Poem by Bri Mar

The joys of living,
Include taking and giving,
Some may say this doesn't make sense,
To take a minute to be forgiving,
Can leave you feeling immense.

To give compassion,
May not be in fashion,
But for style you don't really care,
This type of giving you'd never ration,
We have the ability to share.

When offered a gift,
It gives you a lift,
You take it and feel such pleasure,
Your return of thanks is kind and swift,
It's now looked upon as your treasure.

To give a smile,
Once in a while,
Doesn't come at a cost,
For one of yours I'd run a mile,
It does help to melt any frost.

To take some time,
To help others climb,
Back up when they've fallen down,
Can help make them feel so sublime,
It will help them to lift that frown.

Giving your life,
Will cause deep strife,
But your sacrifice we will never forget,
Leaving behind a Husband or Wife,
Means we're forever in your debt.

Giving and taking,
Can be earth-shaking,
Making us feel like a bear eating honey,
Future happiness and joy you are making,

‘' Life's Not All About Money ‘'

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