The Confusion Of Love - Poem by Vaibhav Simha

Oh God! Answer me, should I mourn for my lost love and rove,
Or should I forget and continue so I can find another perfect dove?
Let alone her beauty, let alone her grace;
But should love with the heavens-challenging pace.
True to the eye, let her beauty stay not ‘only' on the face, but in the heart,
And make my heart reign again over my mind and that decides my fate.

But what if I mourn, mourn for my lost love
And let alone love, the feeling, and continue my rove?
If that's how I shall change my stance, it shall probably ruin the universe's colossal stance.
But think of future, I may do great, save my money and sacrifice my happiness!
Think of it, I'm free, I can have a party and dance a happy dance.
But if I have the courage to face my heart and coming sadness.

Oh God! That's why I seek your answer,
Because thou possess such mighty power and thou are our lives' enhancer.

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