Marilyn Monroe- A Golden Lotus In Dull Grave - Poem by Dr. Ram Mehta

The new book "Fragments" refresh the
The image of larger-than-life American.
The "fragments" do ignite many questions
Of what turns a human being into a legend.
Personal excellence, exceptional charisma
Intellect, strength or beauty? Or it can be
Unusual capacity to engage the hearts
And enlarge the dreams of the admirers.

She echoed her rage, discontent and sorrow
She notes, " Not a scared little girl anymore"
Her youth was marred by abandonment
Her three marriages ended in divorce.
She wrote in her poem when married to *Miller
"Oh silence, your stillness hurt my head — and pierce ears."

The most contentious aspect of Monroe's early years
Is the possibility that she was sexually abused.
Three years later she wrote, " I will not be punished
Or be whipped, or be threatened or not be loved
Or sent to hell to burn with bad people
Feeling that I am also bad" alludes to devotion
To faith and her struggle with guilt.
Millions of words have been devoted to her
Few of them were written or said by herself
And the people who knew her well are no more.
Yet her inner life remains mysterious
A subject of reverie for biographers and writers.

Oceans churned on her brow, wind swept the leaves
Of her life into dust storms, flames leapt in mirrors
Of her eyes dwelling in a penumbra of life and death.

Poems by Dr. Ram Mehta

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