Waiting For Reaction - Poem by RAJAT GHOSH

I am waiting wearily at wet night,
For something or for somebody.
What would happen in the next hour?
I try to predict, but fail at every time.
Nothing happens, but uncanny desires
Choke my throat with eyes ever closed.
A fear of some sort of unknown uneasiness
Teases like those trained train Eve-teaser.
The freedom of life has imprisoned me ever,
The sucess has handed me mournful trophy,
Early natural words have turned into unnatural silence
The present brightness foresees the dark future.

In darkness I try an empirically proved examination.
Fruitless it is as the caution on the smoking cigarette,
'Tobacco causes cancer', I cry aloud with microphones.
Somebody, no perhaps everybody, laughs at me merrily.
Futile everything is in the fruitless, futureless, fanatic world.
I lie etherized upon the bed speculating on the 'waste' land,
And waiting for the chemical reaction to be followed faithfully
With the inert, neutral, and unchanged shred of platinum.


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