'Surya Namaskar' - Poem by Sadashivan Nair

'O' my lord I praise,
Gracious gift of you;
Awake in dawn,
The yawning sun;
Veiled in pinkish orange,
Blue and grey shades;
Source of all light,
Slowly, slowly
Begins to glow;
Birds rise in bliss,
Ruttist tweet twi..Twi.. twi..
Resonates ambiance;
Twinkling dew,
Glows as star;
Moves from East,
To west to relax in cool;
Muffles dusk blanket,
In shades of charcoal,
Saffron and orange grey;
'O' my gracious lord,
I kneel to pay tribute,
By ritual 'Surya Namaskar'*
Thou created dawn and dusk,
Murk and bright;
With the purpose for life,
To exist under thy light;

© Sadashivan nair 

*Surya (Sun) Namaskar (salutation)

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