Patiently Enjoying Memorial Day Weekend - Poem by Lawrence Beck

Little birds are out this morning, darting,
Circling insanely, eating insects, I presume.
Single humans, here and there, tread
Purposefully on the paths inside the park
Across the street. It's early, Sunday. Even
So, the cars come through the traffic circle
Now and then. Perhaps they're going
To somebody's house to spend the holiday.
Perhaps they're not. The lower classes
Have to work on holidays. Somebody
Has to sell the steaks and cigarettes
That people wake up lacking, wanting.
Some of those who hurry by could be
On their ways here to have an injury
Addressed or see someone who can't go
Home to have a lovely holiday, to smoke
Or barbecue a steak, or saunter through
The park to watch the birds devour bugs.

Poems by Lawrence Beck

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