The Abandoned House - Poem by Raymond Farrell

Once people lived here
Memories were made here
An orchard in need of pruning
Is nearby
A barn leaning
On the verge of collapse
Is a stone's throw away
Both speak of work and toil
The weed covered patch of soil
Out back of the place
Marks where a garden once grew
Barn swallows nest in the porch
Sparrows under the gables
The front door is padlocked
Perhaps, someone intended to return
But the lock is rusted
And the house is in need of repair
The porch sags to the left
The roof is missing shingles
An upstairs window pane
Has a large hole
The back shed has started
To separate from the house
And from the looks of it
A family of coons
Have decided to make it their home
So life goes on
Even though humans
Have abandoned the place.

Poems by Raymond Farrell

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