John Feeling Marooned 1962 - Poem by Terry Collett

Trevor talked
about football
and whom
to put in the team.

I sat next to him
trying to shut out
his football talk.

I looked over at Elaine
on the other side
of the coach
and smiled.

She smiled
and blushed
then looked away.

Trevor asked
about a kid
named Jones
whether he'd be
any good in goal.

I said I didn't know
how he'd be
I couldn't care less.

I wished it
was Elaine
next to me
not him
and his football yak.

I sensed her eyes on me
but when I glanced over
she was looking out
the window.

Her sister
gazed at me
with her scornful eyes.

I looked away
at the passing scene
fields and trees
houses and hedgerows.

I hoped I'd see Elaine
on the sports field
at midday recess.

Trevor opened
wide his arms
talking about
the big kid Bailey
how his reach
could save
better than Jones.

I said go for Bailey
he's the best
I said nothing more.

Felt like a marooned sailor
on a lonely shore.

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