9 Mai 1895 / The 9th Of May 1895 - Poem by Maria Magdalena Biela

Sat al meu, ce porti în nume
sunetele lacrimei,
la chemari adânci de mume
în cea noapte te-am ales
ca prag de lume
si poteca patimei.

Spre tine cine m-a-ndrumat
din strafund de veac,
în tine cine m-a chemat
fie binecuvântat,
sat de lacrimi fara leac.

Lucian Blaga

9th of May 1895

Village of mine carrying in your name
sounds and letters of the tear
to deep call of mothers' claim
in that night I chose you
threshold of the worldly flame
path of passion of my peer.

Whoever sent me to your core
From the depths of time,
Whoever called me to your door
Blessed be forevermore,
Village of tears without shore.

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