One More Time - Poem by Lavigne Kin

Every night before I sleep
I think of what my life could be
Glancing at all the possibilities
If only it could work for you and me
We are so close, but yet so far
Why must we be miles apart?
I don't know what it is
I don't know what makes me feel like this
It's just this feeling I get inside
This feeling that I try to hideWhen I'm with you
I hate for time to pass
But once you're gone
Reality kicks me in the *ss
If only you knew what I feel inside
If only you knew, I wouldn't have to hide
We connected in my many different ways
If only I could see you one more day
You're not like most, you're very unique
It's in what you do, the way you move, and how you speak
Once you said you play lacrosse too
The minute you said it, I felt closer to you
We just kept talking for hours on end
A great relationship I was hoping to mend
You made me feel like life was great
You made me feel good and those feelings weren't fake
Our conversation was so grand
I just want to hold your hand
To see you one more time
The reason it's hurting to rhyme
I've written this over a million ways
But never finding the right words to say
To speak to you once more is my #1 dream
Around my head these thoughts do stream
It's never hurt to write before
But then again, who's keeping score?
If only you would read this rhyme
You'd understand how much I want to see you
Just one more time

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