Holla, I See My Death! - Poem by Sir Toby Moses

Holla, I see my death
With my two naked eyes,
Brave though, I am a bit afraid
To enter, to collect this voucher
From the gate-keeper of death
And cross this bridge to other side
I've got few days to live earth
So I can't tell be it day or night
He is coming to take me away
For i can feel a pierce in my liver
A strange man in black mask
Has struck me a big knife
I'm seriously loosing much blood
Are you to cry when I am done
Or laugh loud when am gone?
I'm going on a journey I didn't plan
On a road I have never once seen
My soul is at stake and I don't know
Who would win the bet, devil or God
Can prayer offered turn a fate around?
Or your weepings, awful screams, pities
Make it a lie, fail or be denied?
Can my goodwork done extend its days?
You can pity it, you can't avert it coming
I've seen my death, it can't be cured!
Only my grave and casket is not sure
But when you hear am gone away
Remember me even when you pray
Forgive me and so your heart be free
Write as many poems of death for me
Sing and celebrate if it needs to be
Pray my soul never be won by hell
For the way am going myself can not tell.
9: 31am
21 June 2017
(this is not a poem but what am feeling right away, your
pity can stop it) .

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