My Heart Aches - Poem by ashok jadhav

O' your grace,
Have some pity,
And realise my feelings,
And let me love,
My heart aches upon the slightest negligence,
And I feel sad upon thoughtful inconvenience,

O dear, have not pride,
Cunningness and sinful ride,
And have some love,
And heart compassionate,
And show upon me a charitable mercy,
For your kindness always remember,
Someone is waiting there since the December,
Like a Dove in June for the first drop of pearl,

O dear, listen to me,
For poles like north and that of south,
Do remain apart and never ever meet,
For their opposite directions,
But souls in love can not be parted,
And he artful lovers with one gravity,
Do become one,
As South meets the south and North vice-versa,

O my love,
For this reason, do not neglect love,
And loss not the spring, a spring of love,
A beautiful love season,
We as a lovers,
Fall in love for only once,
And this rare chance never comes again,
And again in life,
So let me have your hearts attention,
Upon my beautiful loves invention.

Your Cartoon Dear- I love my dear Nisha.

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