Bullying - Poem by Daya Nandan

The act of bullying is an act of disgrace,
An act of shame regardless of race,
Abusing another individual for self-satisfaction,
Bullying is a plague that is infecting our generation,

Be it mental or physical, be it in public or the workplace,
Verbal abuse and intimidation are issues we must now face,
For the sake of our people, for the sake of our nation,
We must stop the chain of evil right at its foundation,

Many have died, some have chosen to take their own life,
Some have left their parents, some their children and wife,
The bullies don't see the big picture, to them it is merely a game,
An act of fun and satisfaction to make them feel a little power and fame,

Ganging up on a single person armed with weapons to attack,
Just shows how low they would stoop to hide the courage they lack,
A life has been lost because of fools who gave in to their hatred,
Leaving the loved ones of the victim scarred and shattered.

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