I Feel - Poem by Paradis Winslet

I feel,
I feel joy in a sound of a child's laughter,
The laughter of innocence,
The face of love,
The eyes of joy,

I feel,
I feel pain,
Pain for innocent children dying-
In the hands of those who brought them in this world,
Pain for the unborn babies brought up in this world full of pain and distractions,
I feel pain for hundreds of innocent children-
Being bombed daily in a world distant from this.

I feel,
I feel pain,
The noise of unspoken words,
Pain in a child's cry,
Crying through the chaos of this forsaken planet,
Crying, I hear them cry,
Calling for help, I hear them calling,
I hear the cries of hungry children of Aleppo, Yemen, and Somalia,

I see,
I see them die,
I see their tiny bodies tangled tightened from starvation,
I hear them cry,
I see them die,

I feel this pain,
Indescribable pain,
Sorrow trenches my soul,
I feel,
I feel helpless.
I feel a mother's pain and anguish.
I see their pain,
I feel their sorrow,
I cry with them,
I feel helpless,
But feels hopeful.
For mourning comes in the night and joy comes in the morning,

I see injustice forced on to them,
I see the face of evil trolling in the garden of Eden,
I feel the pain inflicted on the most venerable,
The helpless,
The weak amongst all,
I see their pain,
I feel their sorrow,
I feel their pain,
I feel the pain of the world.
I feel pain in the world.

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