Just A Smile - Poem by Paradis Winslet

Just a smile,
Just a smile,
It does not require much,
It does not cost a thing,
Just a smile,

Just a smile as you sell me more,
Just a smile to pursue me,
Just a smile to gain my trust,
Just a smile, and sell me more,
Just a smile, as it leads to hospitality and friendship,
Bear kindness and care,
It comes from a heart, not from the books.


Just a smile,
Your face lights up with joy,
When you glint with a smile on your face,
I see hospitality,
I see care, and I see courage,
Just a smile for the start as the journey is broad,
Just a smile, Just a smile on this, that face.

Without this simple single little beautiful smile on this,
That face, It darkens many souls,
It frightens more, and it shoves all away,
Just a smile,
On this, that, face of yours,
As it makes you even more beautiful,
When you wear that smile,
Just smile,
Your laugh guides me to open up,
And buy more,
I appreciate your warm welcome,
Just smile,

When you beam with that beautiful smile of yours,
That you wear on that beautiful face of yours, it brings me back to you,
It brings a positive atmosphere,
Just smile as it does not cost a thing,

Just a smile,
Just smile,
Just a smile and let the magic stream,
Just a smile, that's all it takes,
Just a smile.

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