What I Will Do - Poem by Paradis Winslet

What I will do;
I will lend a hand,
To those in need,
I will lift up those in need the most,

I will weep with them,
I will chuckle with them,
I will be there with them,
I will be there for them,
I will stand by them,
I will stand with them,
I will answer when they call,
Not necessarily my name,
But I will answer whenever,
I hear their voices calling.

What I will do;
I will hear their voices calling,
And I will attentively,
Listen to them,

What I will do;
I will care, comfort, love and cherish them,
Like it's the last moment,
I will forget about my desires,
And what tomorrow holds,
I will share all that I have,
My joy, my love, and my hopes,
With those who need it the most,
With those who need not much to mend broken lives,
But those who need little to stay alive.

What I will do;
I will share my dreams,
My pride, my fears, my love,
I will share the good and bad side of life,
I will share my truth, my fears,
I will share my failures to edify the beauty of life,
The struggles of life
The mighty powers of love,

What I will do;
I will be there whenever,
They need me,
Whenever they need help,
I will be there whenever I hear their voices calling,
I will be there,
I will love and cherish them,
That's what I'll do.

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