The Ways Of The World - Poem by Paradis Winslet

Kingdoms rise and fall,
Wealth and power come and go,
The ways of the world,
Are destructions and a chasing of the wind
Its wealth is; a grave, the barren womb,
The earth that is not filled with water,
And the fire that never says, 'It is enough.'
All is never satisfied.

The power and knowledge of the world loom and tumble,
All is like a castle built on the seashore,
They are established for a moment and fade.
All fades away like a torn garment,
For men and their ways are like grass that withers,
Here today and tomorrow no more,
Their glory is like flowers of the field,
They blossom in one season and dries in the other,
Like flowers and grass of the field that withers, so is mankind.

All is worthless,
All rise and fall,
Kings and queens are crowned and dethroned,
All is but a chasing of the wind,
Worthless, here now and remembered no more.
But the word of the Lord is established for eternity.

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