The Journey - Poem by Paradis Winslet

You wonder of why,
I walk like I own a mining pool,
Why I laugh like I have the answer to humanity's quest,
Why must you wonder why joy is my theme?
But you see, I do not need gold to feel the sun on my face,  
I do not need diamonds to be alive,
I do not need fame to feel loved or valued,
And that is enough for me to smile,
To rejoice for a new day,
For good health is wealth itself.

I laugh not because I have figured it all out,  
But merely because it all means absolutely nothing without life itself,
So why is the sound of my laughter a neigh into your ears?  
Isn't struggles part of this fascinating journey?  
The journey that is shared by all?
See; our struggles differ but the pain is inevitable and so is happiness.
Contentment is a state of mind.
The fact is;  
At the end of time, we are all riding a boiling vehicle headed to the same unknown destination.
So, rejoice, simply because you are here now,  
Alive on this journey of life.....

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