The Old Man - Poem by Pragjyotish Gogoi

The trembling old man,
Spirit waning with time,
Everyday I see him
Head down with thoughts,
Walking slowly by.
But today was he smiling
And was gathering quite a pace.
Out of curiosity
I could not help but follow his steps.
Into the woods he went
And so did I.

From a distance I saw,
He was lying on the wet green grass,
Uttering something I could not hear,
While a slight drizzle started
And I saw him turning green!
His body was slowly mingling into the grass,
And In a minute he was gone!

I was stunned to say the least,
Stood there for a long time in disbelief,
And then walked out slowly.
But by then the sun came out,
And it shone as bright as it shines after rain.

Poems by Pragjyotish Gogoi

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