Ph: Love: Adventures With Paul - Poem by Brian Johnston

Adventures With Paul

A slow train toward eclipse is adventure this time,
Two friends sharing new quest till I run out of rhyme,
In four days moon path's wisdom will blot out the sun,
But I've brought magic drum to help pray time's not done.

Luck the rhythm of friendship constrained by steel rails,
Luck that loyalty saves us when politics fails,
Also wife that we shared, a sequential delight,
Helped give both lives new meaning (I honor her light) .

I know Paul's really smart but in ways he's a joke,
Does Republican live who has not had a stroke?
But if I ever stumble I trust he'll be there,
Love is LOVE, who can say why a loved one might care?

But his faith in assault guns? Lord what can I say?
He'd destroy Constitution to save NRA,
Still beneath his veneer of an agnostic's tan,
Beats the heart of a servant (who does what he can!)

Let me too, praise my drum, goatskin stretched on wood hoop
That's a gift from a friend who has not flown the coop,
Mark's ex-wife too, a love (long before I met him
Both still natural athletes that don't need a gym!

Paul and Mark have grown daughters, long years since we met,
Paul and I hired each other, without one regret,
Older now, we've health issues but not bought the farm,
Have long lists of life's pleasures, exceeding man's arm.

If eclipse now is past, perhaps Paul and I won?
May humanity prosper, find Grace in the Son,
And though we two may vanish, our torch pass to you,
For, in fact, there's no limit to what friends can do!

Brian Johnston
August 18,2017

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