Dominion Death Will Have - Poem by Is It Poetry

Dominion death will have over that witch lives
and lived but lives no more.
Even from the South and more shall come and each
shall hold each other more to blame.
Dominion death shall have as seen from space
and those who have shall follow as before.

Before death when men were scarce and prophets
spoke and thus foretold how men would die.
And now a mind once strong has death made weak
here in the west the ground comes with a price.
Though there in death and all he sees with open eye's
the sight of death is but a foggy memory.

And bones once covered in soft skin the dying being
young have not forgotten, death has not.
Evil here as there has taken hold and half believe if love
is real that death here cannot stay.
Hurting other's just to hurt, Dominion death then has,
the snapping of the neck feels good to someone sick.

Dominion death shall have the breadth of all that
once had sight but sees no more and death no need has of.
The leaves once green upon the bush that ring the cypress trees
Dominion death shall have it bids us each good night.
Tomorrow with the breaking of the dawn yes death shall know,
unbiased never wrong
though some may try to hide death knows us each by name.
Dominion to the young and old and death to all have name's.

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