Fire - Poem by ANJANDEV ROY

Fire is never extinguished in their eyes,
They grudge in frustration and resentment,
As they have to live in abysmal conditions,
Poverty and hunger, the worst curse of this world, has caught them in its stubborn net,
They know their destiny,
The endless drudgery of labour is their only way to survive.
They have to walk through the frustrating and agonising desert
And an oasis never exists there.
They are born with an empty pot,
It is still empty and will remain so till the end,
There is no magic wand in this cunning and selfish planet
That can change the dark course of their life towards the way of progress and prosperity,
Assurance of development from different sources is just a mirage.
The wretched and destitute class sees with their gloomy eyes
The affluence of the rich who possess more than they need,
They stand overwhelmingly like the mute spectators
And think grievously how to earn a morsel of food they have to struggle day and night.
Fire of dissatisfaction gets powerful momentum in their heart and mind,
Their soul is truly in flames,
Sweet and peaceful world is a reverie in their sight,
Which is never achieved.


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