Light Years Away - Poem by Kavya Leo Vakkayil

Her eyes were lovely,
Well shaped like almonds
I believed while I was young,
That she was sent from the land of angels
Meenakshi, she was called
The name of goddess Parvati
She taught me to believe in God,
Just as strong as Sati worshipped Shiva

She was filled with experience
Yet so modest in her life
She loved unconditionally
Even the strangers as her own

Her stories were filled with morals
Her lullabies were filled with care
Her cuisines tasted like love
Her prayers made me who I am

No words can describe my grandma,
She is a gem that shines the most,
I wish she is with the angels,
As God just took her away,
To distance beyond our reach
Light years away from our sight

Though I miss her the most,
I know she lives forever
In my dreams
In all cherished memories
Forever and ever

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