Thinking Of One Thing - Poem by G. Naih Peter

Not before long,
The daybreak came shinning,
So bright with hurdles along
But my sure mind
Was still in mood,
So strong and focused,
Had all, nothing to undermine,
So serious not to be confused,
Eager to counter misconceptions
That our problems are misunderstood
And our solutions must be within,
Within us is the cause,
Forget beliefs we're not cursed,
We've all but lack one,
Yes! One thing for our country
To be totally stable and free.
It's not your degree or decree,
We can at times disagree
But as brothers, we also can agree,
To cease from all troubles
That we bring to ourselves
Which make us as a country trembles
Wiping away good on our shelves.
This kills my instinct of freedom,
Harbouring in boredom
And force much tribulations
On each of us in this kingdom.
Believe you me, this one thing
Had and is spoiling all our efforts,
Hence leaving at our hands nothing
But just death, famine, trauma and despair
Which makes me not to sleep
Since our life as a nation is in garage
In desperate need of a repair
To make it look good again,
This for sure is the bargain
Of curious people's voice and demand.
You all stop this rage,
Just as many songs been sang,
Even now they still sing
To stop this thing called tribalism,
It need us all with altruism,
As citizens of our own land
To make it work, it ain't surrealism.


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