The Radiance From Bethlehem - Poem by Akinbile Gabriel

The light has come
The holy Son was born;
Radiance from Bethlehem
The love of the world affirmed;

Joy of man restored.
Some wise men from distant earth
With reverence for the King;
Oh welcome, our prince has come!

Every heart be glad
For semblance of love in man;
Hope to glories unborn!
Saviour, the way to kingdom!

The night of silence
When tears were not enough
To utter divine birth
That descends redemption!

When deep inward
Could not express its fullness,
When angels walked the earth;
When peace to shepherd unknown.

What love in diadem!
Through word and flesh and life!
Before whom darkness subdued;
From heaven revealed the way.

The crown of peace
Atone the fate of man,
Brought grace upon ungraced,
Appears in true witness.

Divine love has come
Saviour to the loveless world:
Path of love was lost by man;
Arise men to eden's love.

Majesty was born
To grant faith to the lost,
To rebuild shattered oneness;
To impart Father's union.

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