The Enchanted Mistress - Poem by Akinbile Gabriel

The dream about the girl
Warlock of the house to her mistress,
She stooped awhile to whirl
Among the wild of distress!

Knelt her brow and stared
As though she pray against the ground;
Chiping from silence and glared
At gods of lame in silent sound.

Oh, out of misery, her mistress!
Then fled away in dread,
What charm of a temptress!
Lonely, out of madness she trudged.

Enchanted lady by her ghost
Wailing along the streets, she lost!
Her prayer has gave mark
Of both dearth and lark.

Often as though she wept
Until the mistress slept,
Then, her mania might rest
From south and thence to west.

The little enchantress has no mercy,
Her chants has brought no cure!
With her mistress; her spicy
Whom once upon she lure.

The mistress not her foe,
But blessed her with caring woe;
When she stoop alone on bed!
Her mistress has to sprint in red.

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