The Wolf In Sacred Mantle - Poem by Akinbile Gabriel

Many shepherd though, but none
Was true shepherd of sackless sheep
Other than the truth, the shepherd
Whose stave on the cross belayed.

Thus, still finder of the lost:
Justice, saver of the prey, unchanged,
To the wolf and stranger unfriend;
Faithful, loving shepherd!

Now the sheep at devil's watch
Faraway; grooming ay wolf, bear;
Sprawling tongue for greed and shelter
With anthem of delusion.

Deceptive shepherd, mantle!
Misconception and sacred crimes;
The gods of fantasy and farce,
Figure to vast deceivers!

Cruises astray by the boast,
Stave of weal and auspice unchaste.
Wolf, fitful in sacred mantle.
True master Bemoan the sheep.

Poems by Akinbile Gabriel

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