Memory Lanes - Poem by RAJAT GHOSH

Days pass by
And nothing happens.
The day begins
With lot of anticipations
And ends with meaningless failures.
The happy memory lanes of sober past
Haunts through soundless, worthless words.
Yesterdays taunt me like truant school boys
And tomorrows promise me better tomorrows.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, never comes
And I lie in absolute abstruct today's blackness.

I 'm the 'patient' lying 'etherized upon the table'.
O the fading Memory of unending memory lanes,
Be thou my hope and meaningful medicine.
I 'm the 'youth grows pale, and spectre-thin and dies'
And I know thou my night's nightingale's soothing tone.
O Memory thou're the horse and I'm the rider Ariel,
Let you meet every night to lull my aching forehead.


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