Ayont The Heavens - Poem by Akinbile Gabriel

Having all here ever enough
With unreserved, royal figures,
Grand mansions, temporal ligures!
And be named with the earth-born sough.

Reigning from the steep of island,
Trampling on the highland treasures;
Trading fellow for self-pleasures!
And the worship of our viand.

Oft enthralled leeway for mere sake
In the name of self-assertion,
And lures of my heavens for traction,
Soothing my brazen fate with lake!

When haven meant for famous pest!
The benign and recluse doormat:
Populace of vicious habitat
Tumbles by the hope of everest!

Thus from this lair, to unknown heck:
We shall meet not our felonies;
Fairly, regal crown with cronies!
That which of same noble wreck.

We are the factional tightwad!
Whose gory sway endear not glaive,
But vanity soon enrich our grave
With dew of unrest like eisteddfod!

Our zoar ayont the heavens reside!
Where fate of each vermin wayfare;
And spare all hasty mines with tare,
Shall remorse, nor second wind bide.

Poems by Akinbile Gabriel

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