In My Heart Of Hearts - Poem by John Sensele

The heart, I once clasped in my arms, lies breathless
Leaving me broken
Devoid of passion and happiness
No more laughter to share, no more soft nothings spoken.

The heart, which one beat in tune with mine, flies away
To Heaven where she sleeps in bliss forever
As the living on Earth search for a way
To fill the void left by a deceased lover.

The heart, which resonated to my soothing music, listens no more
Decibels from Nicki Minaj, Jason de Rulo and Ne Yo
As I open the door
For gentle feet to shine her glittering glow.

The heart, which once fed my vivid void, slumbers six feet under
After she ran her royal race
Reaching out in due course for her pristine prize without blunder
How I now miss my damsel dimples on that fabulous face!

Poems by John Sensele

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