No One Can Be - Poem by Laila Stevens

Black as dark as my soul
White as bright as your heart
No in between that we can share
We stay so far apart

So far away yet so close by
You, made of everything
Me, void of colour
WE, never a thing

I'd take you under my wing
But then I would contage you
Ruin your soul so kind
Ruin your heart so true

We never meet
But I reflect you
We never see
But you attract me

Can't we meet
Can't we just say hi
Fall in love
High above the sky

No more Black and White
Only grey That we can share
And When you are truly happy
I'll die and leave you there

Not to cry
Not to miss me
Just to Live
Just so you can be

And once you are used to that
Once you grew old
You will die too
And see me as you unfold

No more you
No more me
No more us
No one can be

Poems by Laila Stevens

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