I Am Black - Poem by Roger Guillermo

Many people wonder why:
the sky is blue;
Roses are red;
the grass is green;
the snow is white…

A curiosity bombarded with
deadly bullets of ugly perceptions:
Red is better than green;
Yellow is preferred over brown;
White is purer than black;
Black symbolizes curse…

Often in wonderment
a dose of little creativity
Gets people in a dizzying
maze of their own design:
I am white;
I am yellow;
I am brown;
Moreno is pretty;
Mestizo is the best;
He is negro…

Things can really go out of hand
Where color, created to make
The world beautiful, became
An image of ugliness; Then,
there is that very fine line
To tread between
Right and wrong.

Poems by Roger Guillermo

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