High In The Hills - Poem by Barry Middleton

High in the hills where the water is skinny,
there lived a pretty girl, and her name was Minnie.

Now one day down by the swimming hole,
the devil conspired to corrupt my soul.

Minnie came along; I thought she didn't see me.
I was down there hiding by a big ole tree.

Minnie wears boy clothes, but not too many.
When she goes swimming, she don't wear any!

She pulled off her shirt, and shed her tight pants,
and she damn near put me into a trance.

Don't get me wrong, because I'm a gentle man,
a polite one in fact, I hope you understand.

She got in the water to cool her skin,
and I came on out from where I'd been.

She did not squeal, much to my surprise,
and she had a bright sparkle to her eyes.

She knew I was lurking behind that tree.
The girl had a plan as soon I'd see.

She said, "Come on in, the water's just fine".
I said, "I got no suit", she said, "I ain't got mine".

I jumped in the creek, and we got acquainted,
and before it was over I damn near fainted.

Memories will pass and they fade away,
but I'm sure glad I met Minnie that day.

She taught me to kiss, and she taught me to dance,
and she sure taught me all about romance.

Minnie knew how to tease and she knew how to love,
and she wasn't no devil, she was sent from above.

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