Compassionate - Poem by Francis Duggan

Compassionate people are always helping those in need of helping every day
Without even expecting a thank you or the reward of pay
If everyone were like them humanity would be free of hunger, war and poverty
And a much better World for to live in for all it would be
Compassionate people by helping those of helping in need
For their future good karma every day are planting the seed
For to make life better for the poorest of the poor they are always doing their outright best
For the hungry and the homeless and the dispossessed
People who are genuinely concerned about other people's welfare
And devote their lives to helping the poorest for to say the least rare
For those doing it tough some hope they do bring
And their praises i always feel happy to sing
Of a few compassionate people i feel privileged to know
And their gift is to have been born with the bright inner glow.

Poems by Francis Duggan

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