All We Ever Do Is Say Good-Bye By Gio Masserati - Poem by Gio Masserati

All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye

'Hello! '
'How Ya Doin? '

My Loving Feeling is Back
You showed up in the night
Un-numbed I'd felt your lack
So wondrous your warmth and light

You came but I wasn't conscious
Slipped in my heart last night
The evidence that you were near
Was undeniably very clear
Necklace in hand held tight

As I lay down I dream of you
So wrapped in my subconscious
To risk my heart out on a limb
The truth's bare love laid on us

When I awoke with starlit eyes
I'm convinced my love for you is true
The very parts I've tried to hide
Has consumed it's fire in me-with you

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