Unique Friendship! - Poem by Ramesh T A

All five fellows have formed a friendship for fostering intellectual ability;
Before completing our degree course, we five became friends;
Continuously we met often to discuss all matters as philosophers;
Doctorate research fellows only do like that though we were undergraduates!

Expanding our knowledge by intellectual talks we searched for the ultimate;
Friendship of ours was a different kind from others and unique indeed;
Great were the days when we indulged in our philosophic pursuits;
Highly elated by our thoughts and ideas we decided to run a magazine too!

In all some fifteen to twenty months we went on that kind of adventure;
Joy, fun and intellectual development combined together as in a dream;
Kick starting each one's life work there after we could not do so ever;
Learning and doing things of our own accord we improved and developed!

Most of the time we were work oriented and forgot all entertainments;
Nothing seemed to be important except development in our jobs only;
Organizations we belonged prospered by our work contributions sure;
Peace, prosperity and progress were our motives by discipline, duty, dignity!

Quarrels we did not have, but we could not meet to revive our indulgence;
Regularly we mused over religion, philosophy, literature, law and science;
Seriously we gathered all information and had our own convictions;
Thoughts of clarity and perfection we attained to take bold actions in all!

Unique friendship of ours surely helped a lot to achieve what we wanted;
Verily we all attained the status of intellectuals appreciated by others;
We all five friends even today meet and be so as we were in the past!

X men like we are when we think about our natures and the way we do things;
Years of our activities so have turned us into great and wise by experience;
Zeroing to the core, we can say we are humans who have become whole!

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