Today, The Moon Trumps The Sun - Poem by Hebert Logerie

There is no rainbow
In the Heaven
A huge shadow
Is hugging the sun
It is black, dark
And colder across the park
Something is moving
People are curious and screaming
By this extraordinary event
Some astronomers are hiding
Under a huge tent
Where children are laughing and giggling
And adults are guessing and wondering.

The stars are brighter. It is like a celestial show
In spite of the passing of a lazy and colossal shadow
Which is completely blocking out the sun
A magical eclipse is formed in the heaven
There is no rainbow in the sky
However, one can see a black pie
The shadow of the Earth obstructing
The sun. This is interesting and shocking
Today, the moon trumps the sun
And for us, on Earth, that's a lot of fun.

People are spreading lies and fake news
The voodoo priests are drowning in booze
Because they are scared
In the past, they have dared
Lying about their terrestrial power
This is indeed the hour of Celestial Power
Where man loses the total control of the situation
A reminder that man can only talk and take no action
The moon is crossing in front of the sun
Causing a solar eclipse. This is an eerie show
In the absence of a beautiful rainbow
It is black, dark
And colder across the park.

Copyright © August 21,2017, Hebert Logerie, All rights reserved
Hébert Logerie is the author of several books of poetry.

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