The Third - Poem by Nassy Fesharaki

The third

Farsi is old Persian
-with effects of time-change
-by cloud, wind and moon
-Galaxies and the Sun

Persian is very rich
-with fables, stories
-proverbs, phrases
- (Rumi to Scheherazade,)

One of them is on theft:
-a team of the two thieves
-could steal a donkey

Disagreed, had a fight
-on share of plunder

Their swag, the donkey
- (the looted,) abandoned
-beast away, the two fought;
-came a third thief along
-to take it and go out

Now, Fascist and against
-who arrived as the guests
-are fighting on the land,
- (they don't own)
-like third thief, Indigenous
-must regain ownership

Observer I am and
-wish could see inside of
-each party's heart and mind

Wish could write
-the feelings of their hearts

First Nations must declare:
- "Both sides are invaders! "
- "The Fascist and against, "
- "Leave plunder to owner."

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