Broken Mirror - Poem by Damien Wayne

A piece of glass in my hand,
a sharp weapon in my mind.
No saw the difference,
no one accepted the truth!

The poor body without soul.
The poor mind without thoughts.
Carry the birth of the sinner
and the mark of the saint!

Killer in front of me,
staring at the oculus and looking at the destiny.
Closing the eyes and wanting to start over,
in world with no pain and no hurt!

Victim is my life,
dead from outside
as it was dead inside,
killed by the words,
who controlled my actions!

An eagle is my friend.
He thought me how to be strong,
but he took back that power,
when he decided to leave me here.
Here alone with nothing,
but happy and sad memories,
linked to the past.

The tree of my life is dying,
it told me to come over!
To see it in the last moment,
when the hope has abdicated.

The sky is black and white,
telling the dark secret of the world.
Making me remember the bad,
erasing the good out of my existence!

The stars shining in the sky
as never-ending cry.
Reminding the angelic look of the world,
without all the horror in all of us!

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