My Illiterate Mother - Poem by FABIYAS M V

A software to read and write is not installed
in my mom's system.
We download pages of ignorance. Sometimes,
her monitor is blank.

Our neighbours wake up hearing the divine songs
from a rural temple,
when I jump up listening to the metal words
rattling in the kitchen.

She pours calumnies into the ear-buckets nearby
from her vast tank.
There are pores on her palms, and her liquid money
always leaks through.

My dad is often tossed on her tongue. Today
the sea is serene.
I hear the roar of some unnamed anxieties
from her white shell.

I grew up on her barren lap. My tap-root
went down so deep.
I resisted the droughts. Thanks, Mom. I owe you for
all my burning blooms.

First published in Westerly, by Western Australian University

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