The Rock Corpse Of Kilfarrasy - Poem by Martin Moore


On its broad Atlantic slab, the rock corpse lies
Steadfast, without motion.
Its body cold and drab, the seagull squabble flies
Silhouetted by the ocean.
The morbid ebb and flow reveal its generous girth
And chiselled features
Basking in its velvet glow, reflective of the earths
Myriad creatures.
At high tide his torso slides
And evening lays a cloud shawl around a fractured arm
Beneath the caesious skies.
The innocuous rise and fall keeps him from harm.
This trinity of rocks that may be viewed as one
From a point upon the pebbled strand
Vanishes and mocks, the mourners saline song
Shifting with synchronous sands.

Poems by Martin Moore

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