Oh Mirror - Poem by Nancy Nalbandian

Oh mirror, my mere healer
Tell me where did I do wrong
Tell me if it was me or them
Who despaired my sensual soul.
Feeble and not so strong,
You watched me rise, saunter and soar.
I stumbled, you saw
I got bruised,
You stitched each scar so well that I let it go.
You haughtily raised your head in my triumph
And let it down in my downfall.
When my hands were frail to wipe my teardrops
You stood beside me and shared my sorrow.
When I felt low,
You raised me up and didn't let me surrender,
Because you solely realized the sparkle in my eyes,
And believed in what I would go for.
You saw my weary eye and reminded me of my teeth.
Oh mirror, my mere killer.
Why do you so innocent and yet so itching.
When I look at you, I look so deflated.
My heart halts when I stare at you
You are no longer a talisman for me to bring charm,
But you have become a source to haunt my soul.
You watch me surrender, grief and crawl
Without bestowing me a glimpse of hope.
You leave me in my own echoes
And go away,
Why have you become so nonchalant?
Just answer me back.
Painstaking you were,
But now you just add my pain
By standing there and
Without any movement to dare.
Why are you so silent?
Don't leave me alone-
All I want to do is to throw my shoes over you
And destroy you as a whole.

Poems by Nancy Nalbandian

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