The Dark Feelings - Poem by Akinbile Gabriel

O guise! cast your hades away
The love I saw bore lust:
Gathers, two hearts by day;
Shatters, later to dust!

To what shall it be compare
This lustful glee echoes?
What heart shall one dare
Among allure eyes in throes?

Like a rosy prairie by morn
Fading in haste, before noon;
Chasing by the dew of thorn!
Mourning toward the moon.

From afar, a charming menace
Ere the meeting of feelings
Which endears twice a face,
When adhere web, its wings.

Strange faces together
Binds by mask to vage!
But glue upon the heart, shelters
By beam of trust from visage:

When making a darker vow
Seems trusty, the darker mind;
Once a gentle dove, later blow;
Once sighted, thus a blind.

Many sommer steady on track
While laying with distrust,
Unknown a breach to the pact!
Soon fleeing to thrust the trust.

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