Deer In The Park(Homeless And Insane) - Poem by O.S. Brooks

There is a deer in the park
By the duck pond
Who eats as well as I
Some feed it scraps of fast food
He really likes the fries
We talk of life as daylight
Fades beneath the sky
Summer keeps him company
He lives a lonely life
When ever school is out
I walk to greet him there
We learn what love's about
I let him know I care
Winter isn't nice for Deer
It's cold, it's wet, it's cruel
Blankets keep it warm at night
Away from brezzy air
By the duck pond daily
Frozen in the snow
He misses his companions
He hates it when they go
I gave him silver monies
To buy a lunch or two
People think it's funny
I watch them all be rude
Deer was once a father
Now his nights are spent alone
He sleeps along the duck pond
Since workers took his home

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