Freak My Life - Poem by Michael Budwah

Freak my life,
who cares anyways,
a stop sign stops me,
a cross guard walks me,
triple c.'s get to me,
why me, why the,
why now, how come,

Freak my life,
thats now i feel,
ill say it again, fml,
no fyl or fol, im by my myself,
no one steels me, or feels me,
no one knows the way i feel,
it comes inside with in a lie,

Freak my life,
of my life who soon dies..,
and those who cannot fly,
some serious ship, no playgrounds,
no swings, no sand, or sunny days,
just chains, concrete, and dimmy days,
really really, thats all i can say,
so fml i say today, and fyl..

Poems by Michael Budwah

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